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Recent trekker questions with answers

As promised, when we receive questions from trekkers (or potential trekkers), that we feel will be useful to others, we will post them on the blog! Here are a few we received recently!

Is it realistic to climb Huayna Picchu Mountain on the last day of a trek? If so can you help us get permits?

This particular question was referring to the Ancascocha + Inca Trail 7 day trek. This is one of the more difficult, but absolutely breath taking treks we offer. This isn’t just our opinion – National Geograpic includes this trek in the list of the 20 dream treks in the WORLD! We are the only company in Peru that offers this combined trek! Below is the answer for this particular question (about the Ancashcocha + Inca trail trek).

The way the itinerary for the 7 day Ancashcocha + Inca trail trek is designed makes climbing Huayna Picchu Mountain on day 7 a realistic and excellent option! This trek will give you all the exploring and physical activity you are looking for, but day 6 is naturally just a lighter day.

On that day the hike is almost completely downhill and the total hiking time is around 5 hours. We will arrive at camp at 1 pm at the latest. We will spend time that afternoon/early evening exploring the amazing ruins of Wiñay Wayna, but other than that you will have a superb opportunity to relax and be well rested to climb Huayna Picchu the next day.

On a more general note, I will say climbing Huayna Picchu Mountain is reasonable for EVERY trek and something you shouldn’t miss! The way all the itineraries are designed incorporates an easier day on the day prior to the Machu Picchu tour! So fortunately most trekkers are well rested on the final day and can very much enjoy the climb.

A picture of the view from Huayna Picchu Mountain is included in this post!

We will get your permits for you. We can do this for any of our treks or tours. To see which treks include the price of the permit for Huayna Picchu mountain in the overall trip price please see our frequently asked questions page. For all other treks the ticket costs US $75.

Two thirds of our treks and all of our Machu Picchu by train tours include the fee for Huayna Picchu in the price of the trek!

It should be noted that the amount of climbers of Huayna Picchu Mountain is limited to 400 daily. Occassionally, in the high season, those permits can be sold out. However, there is a great alternative in Machu Picchu mountain.

Once we decide a start date, what is your deposit, change and cancellation policy?

A deposit is required for all treks. This is necessary to secure permits, entrance tickets, train tickets, etc. The deposit amount is either US $200 or US $400 based on the trek.

For any trek involving the Inca trail there are a few things that are non refundable after confirmation – these are the Inca trail permit fees, entrance fees to Machu Picchu, and fees to climb Huayna Picchu mountain. In addition to being non refundable, these items can not be exchanged for a different date or for a different person.

For our cancellation policy please see the frequently asked questions page.

Is the Inca trail really sold out until September 2023? Is it actually necessary to book several months in advance – some places say a year in advance! Is that true?

Unfortunately the answer is yes! This doesn’t just apply to Action Peru Treks but to every trekking company in the world (every company that offers Inca trail treks).

Fortunately this is a very transparent process! You can get real time Inca Trail permit availability on the following website at any point in time.

Permits go fast and irregularly! I wish we could give you exact guidance on how far in advance you need to book! I know arranging travel is difficult and many times people don’t know the exact dates of their travel several months in advance! Unfortunately, this is just part of the logistics of the Inca trail! So all I can say is book as soon as possible so you don’t miss out!

There is a silver lining! There are incredible alternative treks to Machu Picchu (some of which people say they prefer to the Classic Inca trail). In particular the Salkantay Trek is amazing and listed as one of the 20 “Bucket List” treks by National Geographic. So if permits are sold out for the Inca trail you still have the opportunity to experience trekking the Andes and exploring Machu Picchu.

Is airport transport included in the price of your treks?

No. but we could provide complementary round trip airport transportation for an extra cost with all our treks.

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