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How Your Support Brought Clean Water to a School in Rural Peru

See how your donations helped bring clean water to a school in rural Peru and are changing lives in an Andean community.

Imagine a school where kids worry more about getting sick from the water than about their next lesson.

Sadly, this was the reality for children in the Andean communities of Soqma and Rayan. Their school, serving kindergarten through sixth grade, was a place brimming with potential, but the building itself was crumbling.

The pandemic hit, the school closed, and funds for repairs dried up. Without clean water or proper bathrooms, the learning environment was incredibly difficult. But thanks to the incredible generosity of people like you, that’s all changed.

From Challenge to Transformation

We here at Action Peru Treks know these communities well. Soqma and Rayan are where many of our treks begin, and their people help make our journeys possible. When we saw their school struggling, our hearts ached. We knew we had to help.

We launched a fundraiser to bring clean water to the school. Our goal: $10,000.

And the response was incredible! People from all over the world chipped in, believing that every child deserves a healthy, safe place to learn.

Now, thanks to everyone’s support, clean water flows freely!  Students have safe drinking water and proper bathrooms. They can focus on their studies, not their thirst or the need to find a discreet place to go.

More Than Just Water

When a school has clean water, the ripples go far beyond the classroom. Your donations made a huge difference in so many ways:

  • Healthier Kids: No more worrying about getting sick from bad water means kids miss fewer school days and can learn better.
  • Dignity: Proper bathrooms are a game-changer, especially for girls, allowing them to attend school with confidence.
  • Brighter Futures: When kids are healthy, focused, and feel respected, they can dream bigger and work towards a better future for themselves and their village.
  • Community Impact: A healthy school strengthens the whole community. Parents know their children are safe, and the entire village takes pride in this shared achievement.

Thank you!

This wouldn’t have happened without you. Your support means the world to the students of Soqma and Rayan and to us here at Action Peru Treks.

Want to Get Involved?

Inspired by this story? Let’s keep the momentum going! If you’d like to make a difference in communities throughout Peru, please get in touch. Together, we can make even more positive change happen.

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