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Peruvian World Records


We came to this blog topic in a very round about way! We wanted to write a post about the longevity of the Andean condor. The Andean condor has a very long life span so we wanted to know how it “measures up” to other birds!

Our initial three questions were:

  • What is the longest living bird in history (could be current or past)?
  • What is the oldest currently living bird?
  • Is Thaao, the longest known living Andean condor, still with us?

As a disclaimer we have to note that these are controversial topics! In order for the bird to make the record book there has to be very clear documentation! Frequently that involves a bird in captivity of some sort. So we are not saying that this is the absolute – just the best we can do with the information available!

Our search led us to many sources including the Guinness Book of World Records! Be careful on their website! You can get sucked in for many hours because there is so much interesting information! Three hours after I finished my research for this post, I found myself reading about mother´s day world records in Ireland – a topic completely unrelated to birds!

Enough background information. Here are the brief answers to the above questions!

  • Oldest living bird in history is a South American flamingo – lived until 83 years old
  • Oldest living bird in history still alive is Cookie the parrot (almost 81 years old)
  • Thaao passed away recently after an amazing 80 years of life.

peruvian-world-recordsSo why all the fuss about the Andean condor? It was a sacred bird for the Incas and continues to hold significance in South America! It is the national bird of Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, and Ecuador. Surprisingly Peru’s national bird is the Andean Cock-of-the-rock! You can look forward to a future post about that incredible bird!

There are four pictures attached to this post. Two of them are of the late Thaao. The others are of the condor sculpture that you will see at Machu Picchu. It is a little easier to visualize when you are actually there, but even in a photo its magnifesnce shines through! When you hike the Inca trail (classic or premium), join us for an alternative trek such as the Salkantay trek, or tour Machu Picchu, you will see this sculpture live and understand the work that was put into it.   How important must it have been to the Incas to immortalize that bird´s with a giant sculpture!

To wet your appetite we will say that the Andean Condor will be covered in exstenvis detail in the future!

However the world records below are too good t o pass over!

Without further ado here are some Peruvian world records. All records are current as of March 24, 2015 unless otherwise noted!

  • Oldest pyramid
    • The Step Pyramid of Djoser in Egypt was once believed to be the oldest pyramid in the world. Archeological discoveries along the coast of Peru have since upstaged the ancient Egyptians. Archeologists have dated the pyramids of Caral, located in the Supe Valley, to as far back as 2627 B.C., potentially pre-dating the pyramids of Egypt.
  • Highest Sand Dune on Earth
    • Despite not being listed on the Guinness website, Peru’s Cerro Blanco is considered to be the highest sand dune on Earth. The dune, located in Nazca’s Sechura Desert, measures 3860 feet (1176 m) from base to peak,
  • Highest mountain range within the Earth´s tropical zone
    • The Cordillera Blanca is the highest mountain range within the Earth’s tropical zone. A stunning area of glaciers and glacial lakes, the Cordillera Blanca is home to 33 peaks of more than 5,500 m above sea level as well as Peru’s highest mountain, Huascarán (6,768 m).
  • Largest parade of Honda motorcycles
    • On July 15, 2012, Naysha Racing of Peru claimed the record for the largest parade of Honda motorcycles, with a total of 1,180. The record, which still stands, was made in Pucallpa.
  • Largest potato pie
    • In July 2004, the District Municipality of Carmen de la Legua Reynoso added weight to Peru’s sizeable potato-producing reputation. As it turned out, they added exactly 5.37 tons with a gargantuan potato pie (almost as heavy as an adult African elephant). The record still stands.
  • Largeset Centipede
    • Scolopendra gigantea, also known as the Peruvian giant yellowleg centipede, is a beast of a bug. Recognised by Guinness as the world’s largest, this particular centipede regularly reaches lengths of 26 cm and can grow in excess of 30 cm. The giant yellowleg is found naturally in Peru and other tropical and sub-tropical regions of northern and western South America. It’s also a carnivore with a passion for reptiles, mice, birds and bats (and tarantulas,
  • Highest Gas pipeline
    • Peru is home to the world’s highest gas pipeline. The pipeline runs from Chuiquintirca, Ayacucho to Pampa Melchorita on the Peruvian coast. It reaches a maximum height of 4,900 m.
  • Largest Seafood ceviche (former Peruvian record)

peruvian-world-recordsUp until 2006, Peru laid claim to the world’s largest ceviche (4.1 tons). Mexico then shook Peruvian national pride with a fishy feast weighing in at 4.5 tons. Not to be outdone, Peru struck back in December 2008. In an open-air stadium in Callao, 450 students and chefs gathered to create a monster ceviche that would blow the Mexicans out of the water. Final weight: a massive 6.8 tons. Mexico has since reclaimed the record.

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