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Best Machu Picchu and Inca Trail Tour Guides in Peru

At Action Peru Treks, we firmly believe that the success, enjoyment and safety of all of our tours and treks depends almost entirely on the quality of our Guides. Whether it’s providing commentary and color as you wander the historic back streets of Cusco, picking the less trodden paths as we are hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu in the mighty Andes, or telling the stories of the Ancient Inca sites that we visit, our Guides are the heart and soul of every Action Peru Treks tour.

Coming from many different backgrounds, each with their own individual specialities and interests, our 4 day Inca Trail and Machu Picchu Guides are specifically selected for their experience, personality and passion for what they do.

Rated highly on TripAdvisor, our reputation echoes through hundreds of elated trekkers. The praise from our travelers propels us to continually refine our offerings, ensuring an exceptional journey for every adventurer.

And so, we invite you to meet the team…Best Machu Picchu and Inka Trail Tour Guides in Peru

Best Machu Picchu and Inca Trail Tour Guides in PeruRoxner Cardenas

Our founder and owner, Roxner, started Action Peru Treks in 2015 to support the local indigenous community economy. He was born and brought up in a small community located just outside of Machu Picchu, and he has had a passion for trekking in the area all of his life.

Learning his craft as a Porter and then later becoming a professional Inca Trail 4 days Tour Guide, Roxner has led hundreds of groups along the many different trails that exist in the area. Guiding not only along the famous Inka Trail, but also the lesser known Ancascocha, Salkantay, Lares and Choquequirao routes, Roxner is now one of the area’s most experienced Tour Guides.

Visiting Machu Picchu for the first time when he was 12 years old Roxner was stunned by the history and architecture of the sacred ruins.

With a passion to bring the stories of the site and the surrounding landscape to life for the tourists that flock to the area, he decided to study to be a guide and has never looked back! Whether it’s watching the faces of his tour groups as they step into the majestic beauty of the Andes for the first time, or hearing them describe their spiritual experiences at Machu Picchu, for Roxner this really is a labor of love.

Roxner was also the first person in the area to offer guided treks along the stunning Ancascocha route, a trail that since opening has been named by National Geographic as one of their 20 “Dream Hikes” in their World Best Hike’s List.

Roxner speaks English, Spanish, and Quechua (the language of the natives of ancient Peru).

Odon PerezOdon Perez

Odon was born in central Peru, in the province of Abancay. Historically, this area cradled one of the strongest cultures in the country, the Chankas, an indigenous community who grew famous for being one of the few who never submitted to the rule of the Incas.

To help support his family, Odon moved to Cusco at just 15 years old and began work as a Porter on the Inca Trail trek.

Immediately falling in love with the tourist industry, and with a passion to share his experience, Odon trained at the Tupac Amaru Higher Education Center of Cusco, and in 2000 became an official Inka Trail Tour Guide for the region. Being directly involved with such an important industry for the area, this really is a dream job for Odon.

When he’s not out working on the trails, Odon’s other passion is construction, and he can often be found building new houses in local communities.


Christian PeñaChristian Peña

San Pedro is a small remote village in the District of Cachora where many of the ancient customs and traditions of the area are still practiced. This was where Christian was born and grew up, and where he developed a love and deep passion for the history of Peru.

Christian completed his higher education in the heart of the city of Cusco. Quickly adapting to this very different way of life, it took him just 6 years of intense study to become an official tour guide for the area.

Taking pride in the enthusiasm and commitment he has for his work, Christian’s greatest asset is not only to know his own strengths, but also those of his team, ensuring that every Inca Trail or alternative tour he leads goes as smoothly as possible.

Hipolito HilaresHipolito Hiares

Hipolito is from Cusco, which he considers to be the archeological capital of South America, the tourism capital of Peru, and the spiritual centre of the Incan Empire!

Hipolito’s high school years were spent at the National School of Ciencias. Founded by the liberator Simón Bolívar, the foundations of the school were built on Inca customs and traditions (College of Casiques).

Moving to the KHIPU Technological Institute to complete his higher education, Hipolito studied hard to become a professional in the Tourism industry.

As well as speaking Quechua and Spanish, Hipolito also studied English so that he could share his knowledge and experience of the Andean and Incan traditions with the many tourists who visit this beautiful area. This is something he’s been happily doing now for more than 10 years.

Hipolito looks forward to seeing you on one of his trips so that he can share the incredible diversity of the landscape and culture of the Andes with you – and greet you from the “Land of the Sun”!

Elistan GuillenElistan Guilen  

Born in Cusco and a 15-year veteran of the tourism industry along the tours of the Inca Trail, Elistan is an expert in the archaeology, history and culture of this incredible part of the world.

Much of his knowledge comes not just from his own extensive studies, but has also been passed down through generations of his family. This often gives him quite a unique perspective on things.

In addition to speaking English very well, Elistan has also enjoyed learning some of the more typical American expressions and phrases and loves nothing more than to slip a little slang into his commentary (often with hilarious effect, little does he know.)

Of course, as a Quechua man himself, Elistan speaks fluent Spanish and Quechua, and is always happy to share some phrases with his groups. And with a passion for the flora found in the mountains, he can also tell you the botanical names of most of the Orchids in the Andes!

With a forensic attention to detail when planning and executing his Inca Trail 4-day trek and tour experiences, Elistan guarantees that any tour with him will always be the most amazing adventure!

Fredy LonconyFredy Quispe Loncony

Born and raised in Cusco, and after traveling all through Peru and South America, Fredy joined Action Peru Treks as a full time Inca Trail trekking Guide right at the start in 2015. He believes that always maintaining a positive attitude before and during a trek is key to the success of any adventure in the unpredictable Andes!

With 12 years experience as a Guide, a degree in Tourism and Business Administration, a talent for story-telling and a wicked sense of humor, a tour with Fredy is never dull. Get yourself comfortable as he brings stories of the Incas, his country and his background to life for you.

As Fredy himself says, “I just love talking about the Andean People, their beliefs and their ideology. It sometimes keeps me awake at night and you will be surprised just how much information a person can relate by simply talking, acting and believing.”

Ronald LetonaRony Letona

Rony is 34, and from Cusco. After completing his studies in Tourism at the Americana Institute, he worked for several different local companies first as a porter, Assistant 4 days Inca Trail Guide and then, for the last 8 years, as a Head Guide.

For Ronald, one of the most exciting things about his job is the opportunity to get to know people from so many different countries. Understanding some of the differences in culture and behavior means that he can help create an environment where everyone gets along, and has a great time on his Inca Trail hike to Machu Picchu tours.

An avid problem solver, Ronald believes that the ability to work together as a team to smoothly and calmly address any issues that may occur in the mountains is absolutely key to a successful trek.

So if you’re considering ticking the Inka Trail off your bucket-list in  2024, don’t risk leaving it until the last minute to reserve. Just complete our Inca Trail reservations 4-day form, and we will take care of all of the arrangements for your Inca Trail permits.

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