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Inca Trail Porters

Meet Our Inca Trail Porters and Discover Why Their Service is Invaluable

While hiking the popular Inca Trail and reaching the majestic Machu Picchu is definitely a personal achievement, the journey won’t be possible without the help of our incredible Machu Picchu Inca Trail porters

These are the people at the heart of our Inca Trail tours, helping hikers and trekkers carry their equipment, gear, and food so that the hikers can focus on their hike without worrying about the weight they have to carry.

In this article, we will learn about the invaluable service that our Inca Trail porters provide and why our team of  Inca Trail porters Machu Picchu is your ideal hiking partner.

Who are Inca Trail Porters?


Inca Trail Porters Inca Trail porters are native indigenous Peruvians who play a vital role in supporting hikers and trekkers on the challenging journey to Machu Picchu. They are dedicated individuals who leave their homes and families for days at a time to work hard and assist tourists on the iconic Inca Trail, which spans approximately 26 miles (43 kilometers) and takes about four days to complete.

The Inca Trail porters are made up of both men and women of varying ages. Many of them come from remote villages in Cusco and are typically farmers. Their primary language of communication is Quechua and Spanish, but some of them can speak a little bit of English. Without the assistance of Inca Trail porters, hiking the trail can be very challenging.

What Do Inca Trail Porters Do?

The main job of the porters Inca Trail is to carry heavy loads of camping equipment, food, and other supplies, enabling trekkers to focus on their journey and appreciate the awe-inspiring scenery and historical landmarks without the burden of heavy backpacks. Each individual porter is allowed to carry up to 20 kg of weight.

Aside from this, their responsibilities also include the following tasks:

  1. Navigate challenging terrain.
  2. Support the tourism industry of Peru and be the face of the Inca Trail.
  3. Enhance the overall trekking experience for tourists and ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey to the ancient Inca city of Machu Picchu.
  4. Protect the trail by picking up trash and reminding trekkers to respect the land and maintain its cleanliness.

Despite the demanding nature of their work, trekking companies such as Action Peru Treks strive to ensure fair wages, ethical treatment, and proper equipment for these essential contributors to the Inca Trail experience.

What Sets Us Apart

At Action Peru Treks, we take pride in treating our Inca Trail porters differently by prioritizing their well-being and creating a supportive working environment. Here’s how we distinguish ourselves from other tour companies:

  1. Community Support

Community SupportWe actively engage with and support the communities from which our Inca Trail porters hail, recognizing the importance of maintaining strong ties with their home communities. Our initiatives extend beyond the trail by contributing to local development projects and community programs to foster sustainable growth.

  1. Fair Wages

We are committed to providing our Inca Trail porters with fair wages and ensuring that their hard work and dedication are justly compensated. Our transparent payment structures reflect our dedication to ethical employment practices, contributing to the economic stability of the individuals and their families.

  1. Health and Accident Insurances

We understand the risks that go with carrying heavy weight and personal belongings while trekking the Inca Trail. This is why, Action Peru Treks provides insurance for our Inca Trail porters and their families, so they can save money while protecting their health and family members.

  1. Proper Gears and Equipment

Inca Trail PortersWe equip our Inca Trail porters with high-quality gear, including sturdy tents and warm sleeping bags, to ensure their comfort and safety during the trek. Since we understand the challenging nature of the Inca Trail, regular maintenance and replacements are part of our commitment to providing the best tools for the job.

  1. Nutritious Meals

We prioritize the health and energy levels of our porters by providing nutritious meals throughout the trek. Our menus are designed to meet the dietary needs of porters, offering a balanced mix of proteins, carbohydrates, and essential nutrients to sustain them during the physically demanding journey.

  1. Equal and Ethical Treatment

Inca Trail Women PortersWe uphold the highest standards of ethical treatment for our porters, fostering an environment of respect, dignity, and open communication. We also offer equal opportunities to male and female individuals alike. Our female porters get special benefits such as maternity.

Regular check-ins and feedback sessions ensure that their voices are heard to create a positive and collaborative atmosphere.

  1. Growth Opportunities

Inca Trail PortersFinally, at Action Peru Treks, we understand that some of our porters also have dreams and aspirations in life. Whether they want to be a chef or a tour guide one day, or if they decide to go to school, we give them the support and assistance they need.

We ensure that the people we work with not just make the most out of their jobs but also achieve personal growth.

We are one of the few trekking companies that offer these benefits to Inca Trail porters. By prioritizing the holistic well-being of our team, we aim to provide not only an exceptional trekking experience for tourists but also a positive and empowering work environment for the individuals who contribute significantly to the success of our journeys.

To learn more about our Inca Trail tours and our trekking experiences we offer, visit our website for more information.

Action Peru Treks is rated highly on TripAdvisor, our reputation echoes through hundreds of elated trekkers. The praise from our travelers propels us to continually refine our offerings, ensuring an exceptional journey for every adventurer.

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