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Inca Trail 2025



Inca Trail to Machu Picchu 2025Ready for a journey that’ll change your life? 

Our legendary Inca Trail to Machu Picchu is a bucket-list classic for so many – and for good reason! Imagine yourself following the footsteps of the Incas, exploring breathtaking Andean landscapes and uncovering ancient secrets.

Our coveted permits are selling like hotcakes!

Don’t let your 2025 dreams slip away! 

We’re taking reservations now – secure your spot with a small deposit and we’ll handle the permits and paperwork headache.

Note: Since spots are super limited, give us three possible dates to maximize your chances!

Why trek the Inca Trail?

  • Embrace history: Wander through stunning Inca ruins like time capsules, their mysteries unveiled by our expert guides.
  • Epic scenery overload: Trek past snow-capped peaks, lush valleys, and maybe even spot wild llamas grazing along the ancient trail.
  • Starry nights & cozy camps: Pitch your tent under a dazzling sky, fuel up with delicious meals, and let the mountain air work its magic.
  • Machu Picchu magic: Arrive at sunrise and watch the Lost City emerge from the mist – a memory that’ll last forever.

We make the Inca Trail an unforgettable (and stress-free) experience

At Action Peru Treks, your comfort matters. Think comfy camps, mouthwatering food cooked on-site, top-notch gear, and guides who live and breathe this land. We handle the logistics, so you can truly immerse yourself in the adventure.

This isn’t just hiking – it’s a journey through time, a challenge with incredible rewards.

Ready to make those Machu Picchu dreams a reality in 2025? Let’s get planning!

Inca Trail Trek 2025Important Note: The Inca Trail is closed every February.

We’ll give you an Inca train journey you’ll never forget!

Imagine walking in the footsteps of the ancient Incas, surrounded by the breathtaking Andes Mountains. That’s the magic of the Inca Trail – a 26-mile trek that’s not just hiking, it’s a journey through time.

Want to experience it yourself? Our 4-day Inca Trail tour takes you to the heart of it all:

  • Climb high, see higher: Hike to mountain passes with views that’ll leave you speechless (and maybe a bit breathless too!).
  • History brought to life: Explore incredible Inca ruins with our expert guides – they’ll make these ancient stones talk.
  • Meet the locals (and maybe some llamas, too!): Walk through mountain villages and catch a glimpse of life that’s changed little for centuries. Who knows, you might even share the trail with a curious alpaca!
  • Starry nights like never before: Pitch your tent in stunning spots and fall asleep under a dazzling blanket of stars.
  • We’ve got comfort covered: Top-notch gear, delicious food cooked fresh…enjoy the adventure without sacrificing comfort.
  • The moment you’ve waited for: Enter Machu Picchu at sunrise through the Sun Gate – a memory that will stay with you forever.

Sound good? Of course it does! So don’t risk missing out in 2025. 

Spots fill up fast, so get in touch now and let’s start planning your Inca Trail dream trip.

Why choose Action Peru Treks? We’re not your run-of-the-mill tour company.

We’re not just another tour group. 

We’re locals who know this land like the back of our hands – and we LOVE sharing our home and its magic with you. Think of us as your adventure-loving friends who happen to be experts!

Here’s what sets us apart:

  • Truly local, truly passionate: We speak Spanish, English, AND Quechua (the ancient Inca language). We’re committed to supporting our community, and your trip helps fund projects that make Peru even better.
  • Your dream trip, customized: We offer unique trek combos that NO ONE else does. But if you don’t see what you want, or have a crazy trek idea, tell us more! We’ll make it happen. 
  • Comfort matters (even in the wild): After a day of trekking, you deserve a good meal and a comfy bed. That’s why we use quality hotels, not basic hostels.
  • Small groups, big attention: We keep things cozy so our guides can really get to know you. Bigger group? No problem, we add extra guides to keep the experience awesome.

The team that makes the magic happenInca Trail Porters and Guides

  • Guides with serious experience: Our guides know their stuff, and they’ve worked their way up, learning every part of the business. They can swap roles at a moment’s notice to make your trip seamless. [Meet Our Guides]
  • Porters are part of the family: Think fair pay, respect, and of course, well-respected female porters rocking the trails! These are the folks who work HARD behind the scenes – and they always do it with a smile.
  • We don’t just talk the talk: We seriously abide by laws protecting porters and follow eco-friendly practices. This land is sacred, and we treat it that way.
  • Proof’s in the pudding: Don’t just take our word for it – check out the rave reviews we get on TripAdvisor and beyond!

Your adventure starts with a permit!

Trekking the ancient paths of the Inca Trail is an experience like no other, and super in demand! 

So, to preserve this incredible place, a limited number of permits are issued each day. What’s an Inca Trail permit, you ask? We’re glad you asked!

Think of a permit as the key to unlocking your once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Okay, it’s not quite as majestic as we’re making it sound. 

It’s just a pass to make sure you’re allowed to access the trails – that’s all! 

The thing is, only around 200 of those daily permits are for trekkers, so securing yours is the first step in your plan. To make this easier for you, Action Peru Treks qualifies to lock in your permit fast, giving you the best chance to choose your perfect dates, without the hefty paperwork!

The Inca Trail waits for no one! 

Securing your permit early is the most important step towards making your adventure a reality – contact us ASAP to get started!

How to book your Inca Trail trek

Ready to make those Inca Trail dreams a reality? Here’s how the booking process works:

  1. Contact us: Get in touch and let us know your preferred dates and how many people are in your group.
  2. Secure your spot: We’ll grab your Inca Trail permits (they go fast!). All we need is your passport info for each trekker.
  3. Adventure time: Focus on getting ready for the trek of a lifetime – we’ll handle the rest!

Important passport note:

Got a new passport since booking? No problem! Just send us a copy of your updated info ASAP so we can adjust your permit.

Please bring BOTH your old and new passports on the trek. This helps avoid any last-minute hiccups on your Machu Picchu adventure.

Let’s get this journey started!

Why book with Action Peru Treks?


Peru's Indigenous Tour OperatorWe’re not just a tour company; we’re locals born and raised in the shadow of the Andes. We know this land, its history, and its secrets in a way that outsiders can’t. Plus, your trip supports our community and helps preserve Peru’s heritage for generations to come.


Want to go beyond the usual tourist experience? Our immersion program lets you meet local families, learn traditional crafts, and truly connect with the heart of Peruvian culture. It’s a unique experience you won’t find with other companies.


Don’t just take our word for it! Our stellar ratings on TripAdvisor and other platforms prove we go the extra mile. Expect exceptional service, unforgettable experiences, and the trip of a lifetime.


We keep our groups small, so you get personalized attention from our guides and build amazing bonds with fellow trekkers. This means a more intimate, fulfilling journey, tailored to your pace and interests.


Adventure doesn’t mean sacrificing comfort! We provide top-notch tents, sleeping gear, and delicious meals cooked fresh on the trail. Your focus stays on the stunning landscapes, not aching feet or grumbling stomachs.Inca Trail Equipment


We believe in transparency. The price you see is the price you pay – no surprise charges or add-ons. This lets you budget with confidence and focus on the pure joy of your adventure.


Our guides aren’t just experts; they’re passionate storytellers who bring the Inca past to life. They’re fluent in Spanish, English, and Quechua (the Inca language), opening doors to deeper connections with the people and places you encounter.


We treat our porters, chefs, and entire team with respect and fair pay. We abide by all laws protecting workers and are proud to be a force for good in the tourism industry. Travel with us, and know you’re making a positive impact.

Craving an unforgettable adventure? 

Explore our two most popular Inca Trail treks! Here’s a taste of what awaits on the Classic and Premium routes.

Classic Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

Classic Inca TrailEmbark on the legendary trek that follows the footsteps of ancient Incas! The Classic Inca Trail is a challenging 4-day adventure, offering stunning Andean views, fascinating Inca ruins, and the unforgettable reward of reaching Machu Picchu. Camp under starry skies and conquer mountain passes – it’s the ultimate test of endurance and a journey steeped in history.

Premium Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

Premium Inca TrailExperience the Inca Trail in ultimate style! Our 5-day Premium Inca Trail trek includes all the wonders of the classic route, plus luxurious touches. Enjoy deluxe accommodations on the final night, a celebratory dinner in Aguas Calientes, and a ticket to ascend Huayna Picchu for breathtaking views. This is the trek for adventurers who want to go above and beyond!

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