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Standing by our team: Giving back during COVID-19

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We stand by our team. Discover how we supported our staff during the pandemic and why we value them like family.

You know how everyone says the pandemic brought out the best and sometimes the worst in everyone? Here at Action Peru Treks, we think it brought out the best in us. Our team isn’t just a bunch of employees – they’re like family.

We’ve trekked countless trails, laughed around campfires, and built something special together. So, when COVID hit and things got tough, it was only natural that we’d step up to support our Andean family.

The pandemic hit the tourism industry hard, especially here in the Andes. Suddenly, the trails were empty, and many of our amazing guides, porters, cooks, and drivers were left without the income they depended on. That’s scary for anyone, let alone when you have a family to support.

We knew we couldn’t just sit back and watch this happen.

Taking Action, Showing We Care

Sure, a few encouraging words are nice, but during a crisis, actions speak louder. So we focused on practical stuff – distributing food, basic necessities, anything to ease the financial strain on our team.

It wasn’t about charity; it was about saying, “Hey, we’re in this together. We appreciate you, and we’ve got your back.”

Those care packages were as much about gratitude as they were about groceries. The pandemic showed us just how resilient and incredible our whole team is. We wanted them to know how much that meant to us, how deeply we value their hard work and commitment.

We won’t lie, the pandemic was tough.  But the way we rallied around each other made us even stronger as a company.  Those bonds, that sense of shared purpose – it’s what makes Action Peru Treks more than just a trekking outfitter.

We’re so thankful for our amazing team. Their dedication is what makes every trek an adventure. Showing that appreciation isn’t just something we do during a crisis – it’s a core part of who we are.  Whether it’s a challenging trek or a global pandemic, we’re all about supporting our people and celebrating the awesome things they do.

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