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Empowering Women on the Inca Trail

Giving Peruvian Women a Chance to Reach Their Potential

Empowering Women on the Inca Trail, In 2023 besides our constant deliverance of good quality services, there is one more reason to join us on the Extended Sacred Valley and Inca Trail tour: Action Peru Treks has dedicated itself to a very important project which involves Empowering Women.

They plan to have only women working as porters on the Inca Trail. This is because Action Peru Treks believes women have been underestimated, unappreciated or even mistreated for far too long in Peru. They believe anyone can use a helping hand and an opportunity and Peru should keep up with the worldwide trend of Empowering Women. So they are now trying to give a chance to Peruvian women to finally have the same jobs, and social positions as men, because they deserve it.


It is not a secret that the treatment of Peruvian women in Peru hasn´t been the best but the winds of change are blowing over Peru.

Peruvian Women Are Rising Above

Although Peruvian women may have been mistreated, abused, or unappreciated, many rose above. This just shows the resilience and power of women and humans in general. But sometimes resilience and ambition are not enough. Sometimes all someone needs is an opportunity, a helping hand. That is why empowering women is of such great importance.

Empowering Women on the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

Why Action Peru Treks Has Gotten Involved

Action Peru Treks believes in caring and giving opportunities. Since all staff is local and even the founder comes from a rural area outside Cusco, most of them have seen first-hand situations when women were not treated right and when they could have used a helping hand. They realize it could be their mother, sister or daughter that is mistreated and they believe in being their voice when they cannot speak. The desire to empower women came naturally to them.

In order to be able to offer women a helping hand, Action Peru Treks has designed a plan which will shift the balance a bit when it comes to gender inequality. So far, most trekking companies only hire men as guides, porters, wranglers etc.

Why? It could be that the social structure in Peru has commanded that women are not good enough, not strong enough, not smart enough or should just stay home with the kids. Pathetic excuses, many may agree. Action Peru Treks does not accept these excuses; instead they would like to uplift local women by giving them a job they can be proud of: starting in 2021, our company is hiring women as porters on the Inca Trails and other tours, in a bid to support gender equality. 

Fair Treatment of All Employees

Action Peru Treks is aware that bringing women along with other men working on the tour or even tourist males may create some hesitancy in a sense that men may still try to apply the same dominating and sometimes disrespectful behavior. That is why we make sure we train all of our other employees regarding what is acceptable and respectful in their behavior towards their coworkers. There will be no alcohol allowed, which may lead some to negative actions and, most importantly, they will be made to understand everybody is equal and everybody deserves to be treated with the same respect.

Empowering Women on the Inca Trail Treks to Machu Picchu

Also, Action Peru Treks takes in consideration that a lot of women, especially in Peru, have been taught by society not to speak up. Therefore they will be reminded they have the right to speak up if anyone makes them feel uncomfortable, by acting or talking. After centuries of submission, this may be a challenging task. However, Action Peru Treks is optimistic and determined to play their part in the big change that is about to take over Peru. Since this change has already started in more developed countries, there is no reason for Peru to not keep up. Women in Peru deserve no less than other women around the globe.

Hiring Women Porters Is Important to Us

With all the women rights movements rising in the Western worlds, most tourists are aware of the importance of gender equality and the importance of uplifting women from a position where they often have been taken advantage of. There are very few companies in Cusco that take into account that women deserve the same jobs, treatment and opportunity as men.

That is why, unfortunately, only a few offer the chance to women to work in a tour. Action Peru Treks believes that there can be no sustainable tourism while choosing to neglect gender inequality that still goes on in Peru. That is why we don´t just claim to “practice sustainable tourism,”but actually play part in empowering women by offering them the same opportunities as men.

We will pay the same salary to women, as they are willing to adapt to their capacity, even if this means they carry less weight. This is proof that money is not our main objective, but doing the right thing is.

Action Peru Treks Aims for Lasting Change

Action Peru Treks is optimistic and very excited about the effects of their decision to lend a hand in empowering women. They believe women have always been equal to men and perfectly capable of doing anything a man can do. This move will definitely bring a great change to the society in Peru. Women have always thought and have been expected to contribute to family´s finances mainly by weaving and working the fields.

However, if men could bring income a number of ways, so could they. Most of them never even dreamed they could do the job of a porter, which some of their male relatives have been doing.

Action Peru Treks does expect this initiative may come as a shock to many, and the more conservative men may not be happy about it but they are optimistic that the majority of male relatives and husbands will encourage and support their female relatives, if they truly care for them. Action Peru Treks hopes the whole society will play its part in this movement of women empowerment.

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