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Before getting into the heart of the blog topic, we just wanted to make a brief announcement. Time in Machu Picchu The time designated for you to enter Machu Picchu is selected when you purchase your permits in advance. For whichever assigned time indicated on your Machu Picchu permit, you have the full hour to […]

Weather on the Inca Trail

The weather on the Inca Trail is relatively consistent year round, as far as temperature goes. The variable is rain! Officially, the rainy season is December through March. However, beginning in September, there will be some light rain on the trail. Below are the average temperatures at the three Inca Trail camps (for the Classic […]

Inca Trail Availability 2024

The Inca Trail is by far the most popular trek in South America, perhaps the world. It would be wonderful if everyone who desired to hike the Inca Trail was able to get a permit, but alas that is too good to be true. First things first. Below are the links for the September and […]

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