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Which Rainbow Mountain Hike in Peru – Peru Treks

Which Rainbow Mountain Hike in Peru

Which Rainbow Mountain Hike in Peru? – Peru Treks

So you´ve done Machu Picchu and you´re hungry for more of the breathtaking scenery around Cusco- an area where you can still feel the energy of the Inca culture? Or you haven´t done Machu Picchu and you´ve got your eyes on something that is off the beaten track first? Whatever the reason, the Rainbow Mountain trek is something any visitor shouldn´t miss.

Sometimes Mother Nature produces a display of colors so vibrant and varied, that it is hard to believe it´s not man-made. But sometimes we forget that the most beautiful things are created by nature, not by man. Rainbow Mountain is one of them and as you gaze upon it, you are looking at millions of years of geological history, a wonder you can hardly see anywhere else on earth.

This natural wonder was discovered only in 2015 and the first tours there were opened in January 2016. Now this lovely place receives more than 1000 tourists per day.

Now that you´ve come to understand it would be simply foolish to leave without having seen Rainbow Mountain, the question is no longer whether you should do it, but which trail to choose? Since always brings the best and most exciting treks, you can choose from Rainbow Mountain Vinicunca 1 Day Hike, Rainbow Mountain and Red Valley Trek 2D/1N, or Vinicunca Rainbow Mountain+ Ausangate Trek 4D/3N. If your head is already hurting from not knowing which suits you best, no need to worry! We´ve made a list of the main points you might be interested in! All you need to do is read on.

1). Time. Now don´t get us wrong! You could spend 1 week staring at this natural wonder and you still might not get enough. But we know not everybody´s the same. Some people just have unending patience and could roam around the same area for a week and keep staring at a wonderful sight they can´t get enough of. Then there are those impatient spirits that, no matter how much they are in amazed at a place, must quickly move on to the next. Nothing wrong with that! We are not here to judge but to find out what´s the best choice for you.

For those who really want to take their time, we would recommend either option number two, Rainbow Mountain and Red Valley Trek 2D/1N- where you also get to see Red Valley, or option number three, Vinicunca Rainbow Mountain+ Ausangate Trek 4D/3N, where you obviously get to take in the unparalleled landscape of the snowy Ausangate.

We have a feeling it would be impossible to get bored of the majestic and amazing scenery, but just in case you´re in a rush and you simply cannot take any more stunning views as you are overwhelmed, you can still go for the first option, Rainbow Mountain Peru, Vinicunca 1 Day Hike. This way you still get to see the main attraction, which is Rainbow Mountain and even more, as we have designed a unique tour that only takes a day, but you still get to trek through remote Andean villages on the Cusipata trail, with views of the Ausangate glacier. No matter your choice, it´s still a win-win for you.

2). Fitness and physical strength. Well now, in a perfect world, we are all fit as a fiddle and would jump at the opportunity of climbing, running and training. But, we are not living in a dream world. Some of us would simply rather not get out of breath, even when doing the trek of our lifetime. But hey, to each his own! And just to show we understand, we don´t discriminate, we have all options for everyone.

If you are one of those that like to take it easy and not push themselves too much (after all, you are on vacation), you can go for the first option, Rainbow Mountain Peru, Vinicunca 1 Day Hike. As the Trek title says, you will only be hiking for a day, so even if you find it tiring, and the end of it, you still get to go home and rest.

As for the other ones, who feel nothing is too challenging and could go to the end of the earth for beautiful sceneries that only this trek can provide, we invite you to go for the second option, Rainbow Mountain and Red Valley Trek 2D/1N, or the third one, Vinicunca Rainbow Mountain+ Ausangate Trek, 4D/3N. As challenging as they may be, they are also incredibly rewarding.

3). The amount of beautiful landscapes. Now you know usually you can´t have your cake and eat it. You might think that if you dedicate less time and less effort, you could miss out on some lovely scenery. Mmm…not necessarily. To prove our point, if you choose the first option, Rainbow Mountain Peru, Vinicunca 1 Day Hike, indeed you will only spend 1 day and hike less, but remember we designed a special tour for you, that still takes you through the Cusipata trail, and you still get to see remote Andean villages, herds of wild llamas and alpacas and lovely views of the Ausangate glacier on the horizon.

However, with the second option, Rainbow Mountain and Red Valley Trek 2D/1N, we also get to see Puccacocha Pass that offers a great view of Puccacocha Lake; at night you will camp at Lake Surine Cocha, which will also give you a great view of the Andes, while you sip on your hot tea or coffee. The next day, you will be rewarded for your efforts with spectacular views in the Red Valley, passing llama farms and villages and hopefully, even vicuñas.

When it comes to the third option, you will indeed be rewarded with even more amazing views, for the time and effort you put in. Here, after we climb to Arapa Pass, we will enjoy the contrast between dry desert like hills and breathtaking snow capped views of Mt. Ausangate and Pucacocha and also 3 beautiful lakes with red, green and turquoise hues. On the third day, you will have the chance to pass through Alccatauri Village, where you can admire adobe houses made of mud and enjoy the locals´ hospitality. Depending on the time and effort you want to invest, none of the options will disappoint.

4). Privacy. From our experience, most visitors would love it if they could feel that they have the valleys and the Andean Mountains all to themselves. Well, good news! All versions we offer for the Rainbow Mountain trek will offer you plenty of privacy, peace and serenity, as this is not such a popular trail as the Inca Trail or others that have been done for years and years.

But if you really want to feel like you are the “only girl in the world”, as the song goes-or guy for that matter- we suggest you to go for the second option, Rainbow Mountain and Red Valley Trek, 2D/1N, as through the Red Valley, surrounded by snow capped peaks and stunningly beautiful hillsides, you will feel the peace, tranquility and solitude of this lesser-known trail. At times, your only company will be the curious llamas, alpacas and vicunas staring at you along the way.

5). Degree and adventure of fun. I´m sure by now you already know there is no trek with Actionperutreks that you can call boring. You will return from all of them excited to the maximum and impatient to let your whole family, group of friends and even the whole world know the beautiful things you´ve seen. Even with the first option that only takes one day, you will have seen more in that one day than many have seen in their whole lifetime. Going along the Cusipata trail, passing remote Andean villages that other people only see in books and even having the chance to see the Ausangate Glacier on the horizon already make you a lucky person.

Of course, the second option, Rainbow Mountain and Red Valley Trek 2D/1N gives you the chance to explore the Red Valley with its majesty and serenity. Also, you get to camp 1 night in the middle of nature, surrounded by the sumptuous Andean mountains and falling asleep to the lovely sounds of nature.

But the most exciting choice of trek would be the third one, Vinicunca Rainbow Mountain+ Ausangate Trek 4D/3N. With this option, you not only get to camp 3 nights in the middle of nature, but you also get to soak in the Upis hot springs on your first day, get an amazing view of Mountain Ausangate from Arapa Pass and you get to camp near Ausangate glacier. Moreover, you will pass through Alccatauri village, where you can observe the traditional village life, the adobe mud houses and experience the locals´ hospitality. The kind of things you normally only see in movies or documentaries!

To sum it up, whether you only want to spend a few hoursor4 days, if you´re kind of a “lazy bone” or full of energy, if you want to fully experience the serenity or tranquility of nature, or you want to feel the adventure and novelty to the maximum, we have all the options for you. Do not hesitate and contact us for the experience of your lifetime!

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