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A Lesser Known, but Brilliant Alternative to the Inca Trail in 2022: Choquequirao Trail. Have your Pick from our Packages: Choquequirao Trek to Machu Picchu 9D/8N or Choquequirao Tour 4D/3N

A Brilliant Alternative to the Inca Trail in 2024 – Choquequirao Trek

Choquequirao Trek to Machu Picchu

A brilliant Alternative trek to the Classic Inca Trail in 2024 – Choquequirao Trek

A Lesser Known, but Brilliant Alternative to the Inca Trail in 2024: Choquequirao Trail. Have your Pick from our Packages: Choquequirao Trek to Machu Picchu 9D/8N or Choquequirao Tour 4D/3N

So, you´ve done the Inca Trail and you´d like to experience something more off the beaten path? Or not interested in the Inca Trail at all, as you are not a follower, but a road-opener? In any case, you´ll be happy to hear that the Choquequirao Trek to Machu Picchu is for you.

The main highlights of this hike are not only the Choquequirao ruins- which are amazing by the way-but also the stunning landscape of majestic mountains, serene valleys and sumptuous canyons, where you are bound to see the fascinating local birds and condors and also typical flora, like the lovely orchids.

Even though Choquequirao doesn´t find its way on as many postcards or websites as Machu Picchu does, this doesn´t make it less exciting. On the contrary! Considering Machu Picchu gets more than 3000 visitors per day and Choquequirao only 15-20, many consider this makes it more attractive, since they can feel they have the stunning landscapes and mountains all to themselves, as they hike their way to the glorious Machu Picchu.

We are happy to let you know that we provide 2 options for the Choquequirao trek: the Choquequirao Trek to Machu Picchu 9D/8N or Choquequirao Tour 4D/3N. Further on, we will present the main points and attractions in each of them, so that your only job will be to choose the one that suits your needs best. Do read on!

1). Choquequirao Trek to Machu Picchu 9D/8N

We are going to be straight-forward and say his is not for the faint of heart and neither for the lazy bones. This hike will have you climbing and descending for miles and miles, during which you will marvel at the lovely landscape surrounding you, which consists of snow-capped mountains, tranquil valleys and local birds, such as condors.

In comparison with the Inca Trail, whose main jewel would be Machu Picchu, on this trek you can enjoy 2 icings from the cake: both the Choquequirao ruins and one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Machu Picchu.

It is worth mentioning, that, while Machu Picchu was built by the famous Pachacutec, the Choquequirao ruins were built by Topa Inca, who showed admirable taste, since it is situated in a cloud forest, towering over the Apurimac river, and surrounded by charming orchids.

After a bus ride to Capulyioc, we will have the chance to go back in time and forget about modern transport, as we will transfer our luggage to horses. The next day, we will continue our journey above the Apurimac river, from where we will enjoy the incredible views of the Choquequirao ruins. We couldn´t move on without dedicating a whole day to exploring this fascinating site.

You will be amazed of the snow-capped mountains of Ampay, Panta and Quishuar, that lie in the background, The Choquequirao ruins themselves will leave you stunned at the precision they were built with: the fountains made with large rocks so that the water wouldn´t eat them away; the houses with double doors so as to reflect the wealth and power of the inhabitants and the spaces underneath the windows meant to store food.

You will gaze admiringly at the terraces decorated in the shape of llamas, this way the Inca people showing appreciation to this loyal and helpful animal.

The next day, we will appreciate the Vilcabamba mountain range in the distance and challenge ourselves with the toughest part of the trek, 3-4 hours uphill to Maizal.

Afterwards, after climbing to so many high points, you will be able to glance at the Vilcabamba Valley, which is the lowest city of the Incas. Since we promised you this lengthy but exciting trek means a lot of ups and downs- just like life- the next day we will reach the highest point of the trek- Yanama Pass. Here you get a taste of Salkantay trek, as you can see Apu Salkantay in the distance and part of the trail.

On the next day, you dive more and more into nature´s wilderness, along Santa Teresa River, where you get to see coffee plantations, banana plantations and passion fruit fields, as well as the loveliest waterfall around. You also have the chance to pick your own beans and make your own coffee! How exciting is that?

As we already told you, the second jewel of this trip will be the fascinating Machu Picchu, which you will tour on your last day. Although you might feel like you know it, nothing can describe the amazing energy you will feel when you are actually there. You will feel transported directly to Inca times! Further in the day, if you have elected to climb Huayna Picchu, another highlight, and you have booked well in advance, this will be a great way to end this unforgettable trip!

2). Choquequirao Tour 4D/3N

As you read this, don´t you dare think that because it´s shorter, it´s a less interesting alternative to the 9 Days trek to Choquequirao. On the contrary! It might challenge you to be faster in exploring these amazing sites.

Although lesser known than Machu Picchu, it is as fascinating and enigmatic and of an equal cultural and historical importance. And we should let you know that the government is planning to build a cable car to reach it, which inevitably means more people will rush to see it; therefore it´s wise to take advantage of it now, in all its tranquility and loneliness.

With this shorter tour, you still get to see the amazing views of the snow-capped mountains, quiet valleys and unique flora and fauna. On the second day, while in Maranpata village, you get the first view of the astonishing Choquequirao ruins. During a guided tour, you will explore the well-planned terraces, beautiful fountains and amazing ceremonial platform of these Inca vestiges.

You will end the day in a magnificent atmosphere, at our camp only 20 minutes away from the ruins, where you can dine in the sumptuous presence of the snow-capped mountains, and luckily will get to see the local condors.

On the third day, after appreciating once more the ruins, we will head back to Apurimac River, and have a gentler walk on the hill, to Chiquisca were we will camp this night. The next day, after a hearty breakfast, we will have a walk to Capulyioc Pass, where we will be rewarded with more fascinating views, this time of Apurimac Canyon and the sumptuous mountains around.

Although with this shorter tour we don´t get to see Vilcabamba Valley or part of the Salkantay trail, we do have a plus by exploring the archeological site of Saywite.

In conclusion, whether you have 9 days to spare and are willing to put in the effort to explore in detail this fascinating Choquequirao Trek that is still a secret for many, or you´d rather go with the 4-day tour, with which you still get to see the jewel of Choquequirao ruins, you´d better take this opportunity while it´s still unknown to many and you can enjoy the place as if it´s all yours!.

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