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Action is a word we are all familiar with and probably use on a regular basis without too much thought! However, it is worth a look at the dictionary to understand what makes the word Action in our name special.


  1. Doing things that require physical movement and energy
  2. Something done so as to accomplish a purpose
  3. Involved in the activities of a group and organization

These are the things that embody trekking pure and simple – getting out there and moving. Participating in nature and the astounding sites it provides. Being involved in a group or by yourself in learning about the ancient culture of Peru and the Andes mountains. Meeting others and getting down to the absolute basics as you have the opportunity to see how people really live in some of these ancient villages!


We all know what a mission statement is supposed to look like. There is a good chance many of you have been involved in writing a mission statement before. We have a formal mission which is articulated more completely in our vision below. But what we are really striving to do involves intangibles that we have seen in our careers and it is our mission to see you appreciate some of these.

It is the pride and joy felt when someone pushes themselves and their body past any physical limits they thought they had. Knowing the hiker has it in them and just providing the encouragement to let them know they can do it.

It is the awe – almost a trance like state – on a trekkers face when they see Machu Picchu for the first time. Of course we have all seen pictures but nothing can compare to the majesty in first person.

It is giving a tour through the Inca “Ruins” and seeing the realization in the hikers when they realize that is such a simplistic term. You can see in someone’s eyes that they are visualizing half a millennium ago the actual individuals doing the work needed to survive and why the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu was started and why it became necessary. After gaining this knowledge it becomes even more astonishing that the conquistadors never found the citadel of Machu Picchu. It is still incredible to us to think of that after being on the trail and in the archeological sites so many times! It is such a scary thought to think of that majestic place being disturbed in any way.


To expose others to the magnificent culture and history of this sacred region. To provide experience beyond imaginations. To help people see things and experience things they never knew they wanted to see until they saw it or experienced it!

Our goal is also to grow our business into one of the number one agencies in Cusco primarily via word of mouth through satisfied customers. Great reviews are very helpful and appreciated of course – but nothing beats a great recommendation from a known person or trusted source!

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