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WHAT’S IN A NAMEAction Peru Treks?

Action is a word we are all familiar with and probably use on a regular basis without too much thought! However, it is worth a look at the dictionary to understand what makes the word Action in our name special.

ACTION: Doing things that require physical movement and energy; something done so as to accomplish a purpose; involved in the activities of a group and organization.

These are the things that embody trekking pure and simple – getting out there and moving. Participating in nature and the astounding sites it provides. Being involved in a group or by yourself in learning about the ancient culture of Peru and the Andes mountains. Meeting others and getting down to the absolute basics as you have the opportunity to see how people really live in some of these ancient villages!

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Inca Trail to Machu Picchu 2018

Secure your spot for the 2018 Inca Trail now...

We are now taking bookings for the 2018 Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. this year, permits for May sold out less than 24 hours after they went on sale. June was sold out within 48 hours. All other months also sell very fast, particularly in the high season (April through September).

We can help you avoid the rush! Permits will go on sale in mid December 2017. When you pre-book with us, we guarantee we will be at the permit office the day the permits go on sale to get your permits.

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Inca Trail Tours & Alternative Treks to Machu Picchu

Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

  • classic-inca-trail-machu-picchu

    Classic Inca Trail to Machu Picchu 4D/3N

    The Classic Inca Trail is the most famous hike in South America. It is a must-do and one of the biggest highlights of your trip to Peru. It offers 4 days of trekking along original paved Inca pathways.

  • premium-inca-trail-machu-picchu

    Premium Inca Trail to Machu Picchu 5D/4N

    The 5 day, 4 night Premium version offers 4 days of trekking along original paved Inca pathways, a range of spectacular Inca ruins, an extensive tour of Machu Picchu and the opportunity to climb Huayna Picchu mountain.

  • short-inca-trail-machu-picchu

    Short Inca Trail to Machu Picchu 2D/1N

    On this hike you will tour an Inca Ruin, Chachabamba, which is not seen on any other trek. You will also see a waterfall that is so gorgeous it can’t be described! This trek includes lodging at a very nice hotel in Aguas Calientes.

  • Short Inca Trail with Camping

    Short Inca Trail to Machu Picchu with Camping 2D/1N

    On this hike you will tour an Inca Ruin, Chachabamba, which is not seen on any other trek. You will also see a waterfall that is so gorgeous it can’t be described! This trek includes lodging at a very nice hotel in Aguas Calientes.

  • ancascocha-trek-machu-picchu

    Ancascocha + Inca Trail to Machu Picchu 7D/6N

    The Ancascocha Trek + Inca Trail trek wanders through traditional villages like Chillipahua, and its namesake Ancashcocha (3,900 m/12,795 feet). Along the way, it humps over big passes.

  • salkantay-trek-inca-trail-to-machu-picchu-6days

    Salkantay Trek + Inca Trail

    On this six day Salkantay trek + Inca Trail, you spend the first 3 days on the Salkantay Trails before transitioning to the Inca Trail for the last 3 days. The diversity of flora and fauna, ecosystems and scenery you will see is indescribable.

Ancascocha & Salkantay Trek 8D/7N

New Ancascocha Trail + Salkantay Trek

Glaciers, Inca Sites, High Altitude lakes, Original Inca Trail paths, Solitude, Coffee Plantation Tours…this trek has all of these things and more.

We spend a lot of time discussing the merits of the Ancascocha and Salkantay treks and which is better for specific individuals. They are both incredible and it was unfortunate that a group couldn’t do both. That has changed now! This brand new trek combines our signature Ancascocha Trek with the most popular alternative trek to the Inca Trail.

Of course on the final day of the trek you visit the magnificent city of Machu Picchu to cap it all off.

We hope you will join us for this unique trek.

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Ancasococha Trek via Salkantay

Ancascocha Trek to Machu Picchu via Salkantay 5D/4N

It is easier to go down a hill than up, but the view is from the top”  – Arnold Bennett When it comes to knowing where to find the world’s best hiking trails, what better experts are there than the folks at National Geographic? The magazine recently compiled its list of 20 trails worldwide that hiking […]

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Vilcabamba trek to Machu Picchu

Vilcabamba Trek to Machu Picchu 5D/4N

This is a trek like none other, taking you to the last Inca city, Vilcabamba. As you hike off the beaten path, through a unique route to Machu Picchu passing the beautiful forest to the remote villages of Huancacalle and Racachaca. You will hike along the ruins of Vitcos (the last remains of Vilcabamba) and […]

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Rainbow Mountain Hike Peru

The Rainbow Mountain of Peru, also known as Vinicunca, are stunning and can be seen on the spectacular Ausangate Trek.

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  • Lares Trek - The Weaver's route!

    The Lares Trek to Machu Picchu is one of the Inca trails from the time of the Inca Empire. Today, the trail is still in use by farmers, who are Inca descendants. The Lares Trek connects the communities of Cancha Cancha, Quisuarani, Cuncani and Lares with life in the Sacred Valley. On the third day, we’ll take the afternoon train to Aguas Calientes, having a full day to explore the Machu Picchu Sanctuary and climb Huayna Picchu mountain the last day.


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  • sustainable-travel

Choquequirao Trek

The Classic Choquequirao Trek to Machu Picchu, is one of the most beautiful and spectacular treks in the Cusco region. This Choquequirao trek is an extended version that continues on past Choquequirao to Aguas Calientes and Machu Picchu.

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Choquequirao Trekking – Video

Choquequirao Trek Video

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